General Questions
Can I purchase promotional products directly through USPP?
How do I place an order?
What can the USPP offer me?
What payment options are available to me?
How are the services provided by USPP charged?
Audience Solutions
What does your audience solution include?
What categories of audience solutions do you offer?
I have some doubts about the solutions you offer, who should I contact?
Promotional Products
What promotional products do you offer?
Do you have any stock promotional products?
What is the price of your customized products?
Can I get my products faster than typical turnaround time?
Become Our Agent
How do I become a USPP agent?
What are the benefits for me to become a USPP agent?
Will I be notified when there is an update to the agency's website online store?
Do I need to be charged a fee to be a USPP agent?
What if I want to end my partnership with USPP?